VoxPopMe App Review

Have you ever wanted to get paid for your opinions? Maybe you have tried bogus survey sites that never payout. Maybe you are already successfully making money with legitimate apps such as 1Q but are looking to increase your earnings. Either way, VoxPopMe is a money making app that should be included in your income-producing portfolio.

What is Voxpopme?

Voxpopme is a mobile app that enables users to make money from expressing their views on products, services, advertisements, and political topics. Brands are asking the questions and offering cashback, via PayPal, in return for video opinions from consumers like you.

How Do I Use Voxpopme?

VoxPopMe is really simple to use. Just follow the live stream of paid questions surveys waiting to be answered, then select a question, record your video response, and receive a cash reward.

The short Voxpopme video response will share your feedback directly with the brand. As soon as you’ve answered enough questions, simply cash-out. It’s all handled securely through PayPal.

Each video only has to be around 15 seconds long. The longer video responses require you to speak for 60 seconds.

You take the video directly with your phone camera — no mic or additional equipment needed.

It’s generally way easier to speak for 15 seconds seconds than type something out. It’s so fast and easy to do, and you feel like you are moving through tasks more quickly than with traditional survey sites.

Sometimes you will literally just be asked ‘tell us what you think about Brand X’. Sometimes you will watch a short video (for example, a new advert) and give your thoughts on that.

Voxpopme Sample Questions

After recording your video, you can watch it back and re-record if you wish.

There are also occasional short multiple-choice surveys to answer. These are unpaid, but open up more video tasks for you.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

What is the “Catch” with Voxpopme?

Voxpopme is a legitimate money making app (payout screenshots below from multiple users in different countries).

The app has consistently issued payments to users, without delay, for several years.

The only “catch” that some users may see as a downside is the video survey format. If you are uncomfortable recording a video of yourself, talking about consumer preferences, then Voxpopme may not be the ideal money making app.

Similarly, as with any survey app, there is an issue of privacy and data usage by the consumer panel that is paying you for your response.

The videos are generally for market research purposes. The brands pay for these videos because they want to know what normal people like us think about them.

However, it’s important to know that when you submit a video on VoxPopMe, you are giving these companies the right to do whatever they want with it. They can use your video on their own website or share it on social media. They will also have your personal details, such as real name, which they might choose to share too.

The majority of videos will probably only be watched by researchers inside the company. But be aware that they could end up being shared!

If you’re not comfortable with this, Voxpopme may not be right for you.

Tips to Increase Voxpopme Earnings

  • Make sure the email you sign up with matches your PayPal email address to avoid payment delays
  • Make sure that your videos are on topic and address all the questions asked
  • Try to make your responses between 30 and 60 seconds long
  • Make sure you face is clearly visible, you speak clearly, and that your upper torso are visible in the video frame
  • Enable push alerts for the app to be notified as soon as a new question becomes available

Voxpopme allows consumers to give their input on issues on brands and issues, while also compensating them for their time.

What are you waiting for? Become part of the Voxpopme consumer panel by downloading the app today.

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