Writing / Articles

Published Articles

I write on Medium about personal finance, technology, startups, the gig economy, urban exploration, investing, marketing, transportation, and cryptocurrencies. I am the editor of several Medium publications, including Blogging Guide, Making Money Online, and Black Edge Consulting. I have also written several op-eds for various institutions, such as The Embassy of Bangladesh.

Presentations / PowerPoints


Below are a few sample presentations I have created for various companies and organizations. I have also completed a number of presentations/pitch decks for Congressional Representatives, tech startups, and even Fortune 500 companies, such as Boston Scientific. Further presentation samples are available upon request.

Graphic Design / Infographics


I have developed a number of infographics over the past few years. Infographics can present information in a compelling, interesting way that’s more easily understood than other types of content. Most media outlets love infographics. I have created hundreds of infographics for PR clients and small business owners, to boost earned media placements, increase brand awareness, and to establish clients as the "thought leader" among competitive and complex industries.

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gif showing slides created by casey botticello for a cryptocurrency alliance super pac presentation