How to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

One key element of LinkedIn is making connections. Having people willing to connect with you is effectively an endorsement of your professional capability, so it’s worth building your connection count, if you can. But outside of the people you know and have worked with, how do you go about ‘building’ connections? How many connections do Continue Reading

What is Stealth Wealth?

Stealth wealth is the practice of minimizing the publicly available information about one’s income, assets, and net-worth in order to maximize privacy. This level of secrecy typically extends to family, friends, or potential business partners. There are a number of benefits to stealth wealth, including personal privacy and wealth preservation. If your income, assets, or Continue Reading

The Truth About Tai Lopez, The Lamborghini, Mansions, and Alleged Business Success

Introduction I still remember when Tai Lopez’s advertising blitz began on YouTube. I personally thought it was brilliant. I assumed — here is some guy who has maybe $100k of his own money (or possibly just that amount from an investor) and is stretching it to the absolute limit to make himself seem successful. Lamborghinis, Continue Reading

How to Get Your Article Distributed by the Medium Curators

Who are Medium’s Curators and What do They do? Medium’s editorial curation team is tasked with reviewing thousands of stories every day. They have 30–50 curators with a diverse set of interests and experiences. Some come from writing and editing backgrounds, while others have specific expertise in fields that are popular on Medium. The curators Continue Reading