Creating Passive Income with Zazzle

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is generally defined as a stream of income earned with little or no ongoing effort needed from the individual receiving the passive income in order to grow the stream of income. Passive income is income that is not proportional to the time you physically put into acquiring it. Active income (typically one’s regular job or additional part time jobs) is a direct exchange of your time and skills for money.

Examples of passive income include real estate rental income, stock dividends, fixed income/bonds, book royalties, peer-to-peer lending, and stock photography royalties.

The intriguing thing about passive income is that it can generated literally while you are sleeping, freeing up additional time for hobbies or allowing you to increase your earnings by performing some other form of work while still generating previously established streams of passive income.

An example of this would be a person working a 9–5 office job where they are paid a fixed salary. This same person also receives regular passive income from an eBook that he wrote on gardening over two years ago. The office job requires direct effort to produce the agreed upon amount of income. The eBook is different. Regardless of what is going on in the office employee’s life, the book is listed for sale in its digital form on Amazon and the author does not have to perform any work (beyond the initial creation of the content) to maintain this stream of income.

Can you Generate Passive Income From Zazzle?

The short answer is yes — you can definitely generate passive income using Zazzle. However, like many sources of passive income, the potential earnings vary widely.

Personal Zazzle Earnings

I have used Zazzle sporadically over the last few years. I’ve listed a few designs that did not take me a lot of time to create and were mostly for fun. Based on my monthly earnings, shown below, I can confirm it is not that hard to make $15–$25 in true passive income (After uploading the digital design, I did not do any promotion or additional work — the listings have been up for 2 years without edits).

Screenshots of Zazzle Earnings

In the era of internet marketing and self help gurus, it’s hard to trust what you read online, especially if it involves earning money.

So while this is by no means a thorough scientific answer, the following screenshots offer some testimonials about earning potential on Zazzle.

Given that exceptional results are typically bragged about (and would subsequently by posted) I’m going to assume that these authors all experienced at least short term success that would place them in the upper 5–10% of paid designers on Zazzle.

How do I get started creating a Zazzle Store?

Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, a writer, or a graphic designer, whether it’s your hobby or your livelihood, you can upload your original work to display for sale on Zazzle products.

As a designer, you may use Zazzle in many ways:

  • Generate royalty income on your original work
  • Display an unlimited number of products where your fans can find you (free!)
  • Promote and advertise your original work
  • Create design templates that others may customize (for birthdays, anniversaries and so on) and on which you earn royalties
  • Manufacture specific products for your own use or to resell (no minimum orders!)

Displaying your work at Zazzle is nonexclusive, which means you may continue using your contributed work for any other purpose you want to, including selling it elsewhere. In the meantime, you earn a royalty (that you specify) on anything you sell at Zazzle. You can earn income for years on a single contribution, or from hundreds — it’s up to you. It’s free and it’s easy!

Zazzle allows you to present your work to a worldwide audience at no cost to you. That’s right: you don’t have to buy a URL, design a website, or pay inventory and production costs. Zazzle makes it free and easy for you to market your creative work.

Follow these simple steps to begin earning money.

Register. Create a Member account to get started. You can open and manage multiple stores under one Member account. Store names need to be 6–20 characters and contain no spaces or dashes.

Create designs. Create product designs by uploading your images, adding text, and playing with fonts and colors. Your image files will be saved in a private Image Page so you can use them later to create new products. You will be able to choose categories in which you want to display your work. You may also choose whether other Zazzle users can customize your products.

Post products for sale. You may keep your products in a your-eyes-only Private Products section or share them with potential customers (and start earning money!) through the Zazzle marketplace. Your Public Store is equipped with powerful tools to showcase your work, invite comments, promote upcoming events, and more. You can even allow your potential customers to further customize your work to create their own unique products.

Create a store. After you have created a Member account, you can create one or more stores by clicking “Create a store” under My Account. Once you create a store you can access it by visiting your store’s address, which will look similar to this: You can also customize your store(s) by visiting the store management page under My Account.

Earn money. With Zazzle’s “Name Your Royalty” program, you can specify how much you make on every sale of your products on Zazzle. That’s right — if you say you want to make 20%, you’ll make 20% of the sale. If you want to make 50%, you’ll make 50% of the sales price. But the higher the royalty, the higher the sales price.

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