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My name is Casey Botticello. I am a serial entrepreneur, political opposition researcher, and freelance writer.

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Current Projects

I write on Medium about personal finance, technology, startups, the gig economy, urban exploration, investing, marketing, transportation, and cryptocurrencies.
I am also the editor of several medium publications, including Side Hustle and Black Edge Consulting. I have also written several op-eds for various institutions, such as The Embassy of Bangladesh.

Botticello is a privately owned investment company. The company owns and operates a diversified collection of business interests, including: private equity investments, real estate development, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and several e-commerce businesses.

Circle IPO Casey Botticello
Casey Botticello 23andMe IPO
Casey Botticello Dropbox Investor
Casey Botticello SoFi IPO
Lyft IPO Casey Botticello
Casey Botticello Dropbox Investor
Pinterest IPO Casey Botticello

The Cryptocurrency Alliance is an independent expenditure-only committee (Super PAC). The Cryptocurrency Alliance Super PAC was created to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Black Edge Consulting is a strategic communications, public relations, and on-demand research firm. Black Edge Consulting provides unique solutions to client challenges by applying tactics developed in digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media engagement, and data mining. We pride ourselves on offering services that other firms are not technologically capable of, or in many cases, even aware of. Our team consist of data scientists, opposition researchers, white-hat hackers, and competitive intelligence operatives.

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